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Running events & distances

START LOCATION:  All events start at SW Naito Parkway and Pine Street, adjacent to Waterfront Park.

FINISH LOCATION:  All events, except the Leprechaun Lap, finish at SW Naito Parkway and Taylor Street at the south end of Waterfront Park near the Salmon Springs Fountain.  The Leprechaun Lap finishes where it starts at SW Naito and Pine Street.

All race distances are USATF-certified.

Start Time

Event Description

7:30 AM

shamrock 15k run start time


A hilly 9.3-mile course through downtown Portland and the Terwilliger Hills.  All 15km finishers will receive a free commemorative Shamrock bottle opener medallion as the exit the finish area.  This medal is given only to 15km finishers.

Click here for the course map

8:00 AM 


The Shamrock Half-Marathon field is limited to 3000 runners.

Take your Shamrock experience to the next level and run the Shamrock Half! The route uses the entire Shamrock 15k course and gets its additional 3.8 miles early in the route. The Half continues north for 1.9 miles past the 15k turn-around point, and then returns on the other side of NW Front/Naito to NW 9th. All finishers in the Half receive a special Shamrock Half finisher medal.

NOTE:  You must be able to maintain a 14-minute or faster per mile pace to be allowed to continue on the route past SW Hamilton Terrace and Terwilliger.

Click here for the course map

8:35 AM

shamrock 8k run start time


A 4.97-mile run through downtown Portland

Click here for the course map

9:05 AM

leprechaun lap 1k start times



Presented by the Trail Blazers

A 0.6-mile Run/Walk for Children 10 and under and their adult companions.

The route is out and back along SW Naito Parkway between the start/finish line at SW Pine Street and the turn-around point at NW Couch.  Prizes at the finish line!


9:30 AM


Presented by Pacific Foods

Open only to RUNNERS (all ages permitted)

A 3.1-mile course through downtown Portland

Click here for the route map

9:45 AM


Open only to WALKERS (all ages permitted)

A 3.1-mile fitness walk through the streets of Downtown Portland and on the same course as the 5k Shamrock Race.

Walkers are to line up behind the 5km runners.

Click here for the course map


All Shamrock events (except the Leprechaun Lap) will be started with a “release and hold” system.  Runners are to line up behind their appropriate per-mile pace sign held overhead in the assembly area.  Runners will be released in groups of 500 to 1000 participants every 30 to 90 seconds to allow the field to spread out and to minimize congestion along the route, especially in the first mile.

The chip-timing system will not record a starting time for a runner until that runner has crossed the timing mats at the start line.  Time spent waiting to cross the start line is NOT included in the scored finish time for a runner.