A Guide to Race Day Etiquette 

Whether this will be your first ever race or your 100th, here’s a list of ten race day etiquette tips to help make it a great one. 

Wear your bib on the front of your shirt or shorts. Your bib contains your timing chip (it’s the sticker on the back). It is also how we identify which medal you receive when crossing the finish line, who you are in photos, and where you’re supposed to be. Make sure it is visible from the front at all times and is securely fastened with 4 safety pins (provided to you at pick-up).  

Start in the correct wave. There will be dedicated areas at the starting line based on your average minute per mile. Find the one closest to your time and start there. If you’re a slower runner or need more time to warm up, start towards the back of the corrals.

Strollers and walkers to the back. If you’ll be running with a stroller, or if you’re planning to walk/slow jog to start, start at the back of your wave to avoid becoming a bottleneck.

Pass on the left, stay to the right. If you’re having the best day ever and speeding up, pass runners on the left. If you’re needing to slow down, move to the right to allow others to easily pass.

“On the left!” This is the universal sign that a faster runner is behind you and plans to pass on your left. Do them a solid and step to the right. 

Be careful when taking selfies mid-race. We’re all for photos, but please be careful when taking them to avoid causing a pile-up or dropping your phone. It’s always best to step to the side to snap your pic and to look over your shoulder before stopping. 

Be conscientious of other runners at water stops. This is a biggie! If you plan on skipping the water, run straight down the middle and don’t crowd sides. If you plan to stop and sip your water, grab quickly and move to the side past those water station volunteers before slowing down.

Run through the finish line. You did it! You made it to the finish, and one of the most congested areas is after you cross the line. Don’t stop right on the line—there are hundreds of runners coming in hot behind you! Keep moving toward the medals and post-race snacks. If you do require medical assistance, do your best to step to the side and wave down a volunteer who can help you walk and direct you to the medical tent.

Don’t hog all the snacks. Bananas, water, energy bars—the post-race snack bar is full of nutritional goodies! PLEASE remember that there are a lot of other runners who also want to chow down after running, so be courteous and only take one banana instead of the entire bushel. We like to follow the rule of one—one of each thing for your post-race tummy.

Have Fun! Remember you trained for this and race day is intended to be a community celebration of fun and fitness. Don’t forget to smile. High five a spectator or three. Compliment a participant’s costume. And be sure to say thank you to volunteers and public safety officers. Positive vibes are welcomed and encouraged!