Shamrock is a 42-year Portland tradition, while we are disappointed that it cannot be held at Waterfront Park on Sunday, March 15, 2020, we want to keep the tradition and the spirit alive and well in Rip City by offering our registered runners two options.

Option 1: Represent Shamrock Virtually

Just follow the steps below to switch your registration to the 2020 Virtual Run by March 29, 2020, and we’ll mail you your shirt, bib, and medal (for the distance you were registered for). Items will be mailed out within four weeks of March 29, 2020.  You’ll also get a code for 20% off the merch store valid until March 29, 2020.

Change to the Virtual Run:

  1. Log into your ACTIVE MyEvents account
  2. Find your 2020 Shamrock Run Portland
  3. Select  Purchase merchandise
  5. Quantity 1 – $0.00
  6. Click CONTINUE
  7. Click COMPLETE

Be sure your mailing address in Active is up-to-date, this is where we’ll be sending your items!

To update your Mailing address:

  1. Log into your ACTIVE MyEvents account
  2. Find your 2020 Shamrock Run Portland
  3. Select Edit Registration
  4. Edit the address
  5. Click SAVE


Option 2: Due to the unprecedented nature of the current state of affairs, we are offering a 100% deferral to the 2021 Shamrock Run. 

What does that mean? You forfeit your 2020 shirt and medal and your registration is transferred to the 2021 race free of charge. To take this option, follow the steps below before March 29, 2020:

  1. Log into your ACTIVE MyEvents account
  2. Find your 2020 Shamrock Run Portland
  3. Select Change Event
  4. Choose a new event – click on 2021 Shamrock Run Portland
  5. Select your race category/distance
  6. Click CONTINUE
  7. Verify Registration Information
  8. Click CONTINUE
  9. Click COMPLETE


If you do not see your Registration, you may need to “Claim your Registration” number – this is located on your Registration Confirmation email.



Q: Can I just get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds. We appreciate your understanding. For a detailed explanation, we suggest reading this article. 


Q: I pre-ordered merchandise, how will I receive it? 

A: We’ll be shipping out all pre-ordered merchandise over the following four weeks. If you have chosen the virtual run, we’ll send everything in one package.


Q: What if I just want my shirt?

A: Sign up for the virtual run and we’ll mail it to you


Q: How long to I have to decide which option I want?

A: We need your decision by March 29, 2020. 


Q: I’m doing the virtual! How do I get my discount code for the merch store?

A: Wahoo!!! We’ll email it to you within 48 hours.


Q; What’s the date of the 2021 Race?

A: Sunday, March 14th


Q: Will there still be packet pick up on Friday and Saturday?

A: No. Unfortunately, the Fitness Fair falls under the gathering restrictions that are now in place. We’ve turned all of our deliveries around and sent everything back to our warehouses.


Q: Do I need to submit proof for the virtual run?

A: No, but we encourage you to take a photo while completing your distance and use #ShamrockPDX. We know you’ve trained hard for this event and want to celebrate your accomplishments with you!